SLIGHT SECOND The Warley Stock Box (OO Gauge)
SLIGHT SECOND The Warley Stock Box (OO Gauge)

SLIGHT SECOND The Warley Stock Box (OO Gauge)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: These are discounted as they have wonky print on the outer box (See Photos). The boxes still function the same as a new one, the print error is just cosmetic. 


This item is now only available exclusively from Modellers Mecca.

WSBOO Warley Stock Boxes from Modellers Mecca OO Gauge

One box can hold either:

  • 10 x Locomotives
  • 10 x Coaches or Large Wagons like Polybulks
  • 30 x Small Wagons like 5 Planks etc.

The Stock Box is designed so you can:

  • Easily store items to save having to keep getting them in or out of the manufacturers packaging.
  • Adjust what type of stock you store in the box by adding or removing the dividers.
  • Store your unboxed items to prevent damaging them.
  • Store locos after detailing where they will no longer fit in the original box.
  • Each box has two layers.
  • A cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic storage boxes.

External dimensions once assembled are as follows: 390mm x 290mm x 84mm Aprox.

We use Acid Free corrugated board to ensure no damage to your locomotives or rolling stock over a prolonged period. 

For instruction on how to assemble the boxes, please see our Instruction Page.