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Locomotive Repairs

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Our popular in-house locomotive repair and serving is now available to arrange online. We have been repairing locos for our customers for 40 years, and we're confident we can fix, repair or service any locomotive.

Until we have had a look at your loco, it is often not possible to give a fixed price on what it might cost to repair. Mainly because we won't know what parts may be required (if any). For this reason, when ordering our repair service, we only charge for the basic service cost (one hour labour). Then once your loco has been repaired, the final balance will be issued, and once paid, we return the loco to you.

Most likely, the final bill might just include something like gears (approx cost £2.00) or a motor (approx cost £15.00). In rare or difficult cases, there may be some extra labour added when more than one hour is required.

To arrange a locomotive service or repair, simply add this item to cart and proceed through the checkout process. Once the purchase is complete we'll be expecting your loco(s), so send them to the address marked on your invoice (address also at the bottom of our Web pages). Be sure to include your order number and a description of the problem or any symptoms etc.