MGR Hoppers for Farkham

Over the last couple of weeks, I decided to have a go at improving the Hornby HAA hopper wagons. I have a rake of 20 which would require back dating, to suit the era of 1990, which I model.

The cradles resprayed Rail Red

 So, I set to and dismantled the wagons, separating the chassis, cradle and tubs. I then resprayed the cradles Rail Red and the tubs Humbrol No. 56. Once left a couple of days to fully dry, I added Fox Transfers and gave them a coat of matt varnish to fix the transfers permanently. Each wagon now has a unique number.

The HAA wagons repainted and reassembled

Finally, some weathering with the airbrush to finish these wagons. I chose to use only two colours, Railmatch Frame Dirt and Coal Black, adding differing degrees of each colour to the wagons. The way these wagons are automatically discharged leaves unusual horizontal lines across the hopper sides. I added these lines carefully with the airbrush.

I'm really pleased with the finished project, they really look the part behind a class 56.

The finished wagons, some with subtle differences


56 132 hauls the finished wagons on Farkham

Before (left) and after painting (right)