Instruction Sheets

Below are a list of downloadable instruction sheets for our products.

The Warley Stock Box.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4
We advise our customers to use a hot glue gun to permanently fix the end of the trays together. This adds greater protection for your rolling stock, giving the trays more rigidity too. Without gluing the tray ends, your rolling stock can fall out when the tray is lifted from the box! You could also use PVA glue and plastic pegs to hold in place while drying overnight.

OO Gauge Corridor Connections.

The majority of our range of OO gauge corridor connections, for ready to run coaches, are a simple push fit into the existing coach gangway end. There are a couple of exceptions where double sided tape is used, but in all cases there is no gluing required. Each item contains one pair, i.e. both ends to one coach.

Optional: The 'wings' are designed for use with tight radius curves, but these can be trimmed off if preferred for a more realistic appearance.

O Gauge Corridor Connections.

As these are produced to suit kit built or scratch built coaches, it is necessary to fix these to the coach with adhesive or double sided tape. We do not add tape to our O gauge range, as we feel it is better for the purchaser to decide how to fix them. Each item contains one pair, i.e. both ends to one coach.