Loco Repairs and Servicing

Our popular in-house locomotive repair and serving is now available to arrange online. We have been repairing locos for our customers for 40 years, and we're confident we can fix, repair or service any locomotive.

Until we have had a look at your loco, it is often not possible to give a fixed price on what it might cost to repair. Mainly because we won't know what parts may be required (if any). For this reason, when ordering our repair service, we only charge for the basic service cost (one hour labour), plus return postage. Then once your loco has been repaired, the final balance will be issued, and once paid, we return the loco to you.

Most likely, the final bill might just include something like gears (approx cost £2.00) or a motor (approx cost £15.00). In rare or difficult cases, there may be some extra labour added when more than one hour is required.

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Another popular service is our weathering. We can weather your locomotives and rolling stock using a range of techniques. We do offer a bespoke service too, but when ordering online there are three different weathering grades we offer.

  • Light weathering (airbrush to chassis only).
  • Medium weathering (airbrush to chassis, body sides and light weathering to roof.
  • Heavy weathering (airbrush as Medium weathering but with more coverage, and more attention to panel lines, water run lines and exhaust soot.

See our Gallery page for some of the work we've done.

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      Locomotive Renumbering and Re-branding

      We can renumber any locomotive to suit. Prices vary depending on the locomotive and the work involved. Please use the contact page for a price.

      DCC and DCC Sound Fitting

      We also offer DCC decoder fitting for all locomotive types and from all manufacturers. We can supply ESU LokPilot or ESU LokSound decoders with this service. All our LokSound decoders are programmed with authentic British sound files. We are also happy if you prefer to provide your own decoder for fitting.